Q: I'm opening my battle kit and don't see the preconstructed decks, where are they?

A: A battle kit sorts the cards inside into two groups: Synthien and Jotune, with Mercenary cards mixed throughout. The first 60 cards in each faction's card pack are the preconstructed decks. You can also find the decklists here.


Q: If I had three Jotune combatants with FLIGHT, and each had BARRAGE 1:2 from Fire from the Sky, could I use a combatant to take out the site weakened by the barrage damage?

A: Yes, since BARRAGE triggers and has its damage applied before regular combatant damage, then barrage damage could be placed on a site, and then a combatant could apply its attack value to the site to eliminate it (See comprehensive rules: H. Attack Phase > 4. Alpha Strike Damage Step & 5. Damage Step)


Q: When does the Bolthorn Warlord’s ability give it and all Joint Strike Force combatants attacking with it +3/+0 in the attack?

A: The Bolthorn Warlord’s ability is a required triggered modifier that occurs after attackers and defenders are declared and when Bolthorn Warlord and any others gain the keyword value JOINT STRIKE FORCE and ATTACKER (See comprehensive rules: H. Attack Phase > 3. Steps of the Attack Phase > d. Keyword Value Step) . This means that during the keyword value of the attack substep the Bolthorn Warlord and all other attackers in the joint strike force with him get +3/+0.

Q: What happens if the Bolthorn Warlord is removed from the attack?

A: If an ability or effect would activate, reset, or remove an attacker from play before it reaches either the alpha strike or normal damage step, that combatant is removed from the attack and any modifiers which may have triggered from it being part of the attack are removed from the attack. Therefore, all combatants attacking in a joint strike force with a Bolthorn Warlord that has been eliminated, reset, or activated before either of the damage steps would lose the +3/+0 bonus before they can apply their attack value. If the Bolthorn Warlord is removed as part of the normal damage dealing process in either the alpha strike or damage steps of the attack then the +3/+0 modifier will still apply to all objects until the end of the attack step.


Q: If Spoils of War is defused, does this shut off its sularium generation?

A: Correct, when Interference is played it will turn off the printed sularium generation of one it has printed in the upper right-hand corner. If a defuse effect reads, "defuse target condition card," then all effects generated by that card, including sularium generation no longer function; the card will however continue to generate influence and contribute to threshold as long as it is still in its owner's influence row.

Q: Is the sularium counter placed by Spoils of War onto a site still active and provide additional sularium?  

A: Yes, The sularium counter is still active and provides one additional sularium. Spoils of War itself is makes the sularium counter when Spoils of War is played. After resolution the counter operates independently from the Spoils of War card that generated the counter, it is just allowing you to put a sularium counter into play and instructing you how the sularium counter functions in gameplay.


Q: If I have multiples of a card like Spoils of War, Art of War, or Fire from the Sky, do all of these conditions stack?

A: Yes, all conditions are active and their abilities and effects stack. For example, if a player has two active Spoils of War in play, the Spoils of War cards will generate a total of +2 sularium generation, and the two counters they made will generate another +2 sularium generation, for a total of +4 sularium generation (in addition to any other sularium generated). If a player controls two active Art of War's, and each is granting +1/+1, these will stack to give their Jotune combatants +2/+2. If two Fire from the Sky's are active, then each combatant with FLIGHT they control will get two triggers of BARRAGE 1:2 when they become an ATTACKER.