Lady Worgana "The Fang" | Art by Artem Shukayev

Lady Worgana "The Fang" | Art by Artem Shukayev


The Jotune Faction

To walk amongst the Jotune is to walk amongst perfection. This is no mere coincidence. Following the Fracture, the remarkable generosity of the Jotune was legendary amongst the refugees of the global fallout. Bio-domes opened their walls to those fleeing the disaster, providing shelter and security in a world ruled by chaos. Many of those grateful refugees were engineers, mathematicians, athletes, and scholars, valuable contributions all; but many more lacked skills, were sickly, and weak, those that would be a drain on precious resources in the dark days ahead. And they were.

What emerged from the bio-domes in the years following showed none of that weakness, what did was an army of super-soldiers, honed to genetic exquisiteness, plunging headfirst into battle on wings of fire in a deadly display of power and precision. Unseen, elite attachments of saboteurs and commandos infiltrate across the wastes with uncanny stealth and speed to sow destruction behind enemy lines. Fearsome giants of men such as Lord Brahn Vanir "the Hammer" and Lord Fenris Hrothgar "the Wolf" lead their troops, inspiring them with their unmatched martial skill and tactical prowess. The Jotune are the finest of all Sularia's survivors, it's brightest light, and it's greatest hope for a new dawn.


“You see him, he sees you, you make your move, but the wolf waits patiently. Just when you think you have the upper hand, he’s got you in his trap.”

– Unknown Jotune Soldier

Furtim Braccae | Art by Wizyakuza

Furtim Braccae | Art by Wizyakuza


The Synthien Faction

In the wastes of Sularia a force is rising. For generations its red eye slumbered. half-lidded. But no longer...

It has been years since Animus Vox walked out of the radiation fields with a machine host hundreds strong at his back, and demanded the release of his robotic brethren before retreating with them back into the wastes. Those were early versions of the Synthien, those that utilized both simpler construction and programming, a melding of flesh and machine. Jotune scouts have begun to return with tales of a mechanical menace never seen before. Hardened warriors tremble when recounting the sound of thunder echoing from banks of smog, and how they squinted at the suggestion of a shape looming just beyond the veil. They whisper of juggernauts striding through the wastes, colossal enough in size to level a bio-dome with the descent of one massive appendage.  

These reports have been largely dismissed as the lunatic ravings of radiation sickness, though other less fantastic reports have been confirmed by pitched battle. There is a new generation of nuanced synthoid warriors never yet seen before, agile, lithe, and incredibly deadly. The Jotune may have given up more than a valuable asset when they relinquished control of the Synthien, they might just have sealed their doom. 


“I cannot save our kind alone. I will improve on our maker’s designs and create the next generation to guarantee our survival."

– Animus Vox

Verker "The Berserker" | Art by Justine Cruz

Verker "The Berserker" | Art by Justine Cruz


The Mercenary Faction

No matter the time, no matter the place or circumstances, there are always those who exist on the fringe or else refuse to follow the established order. Pirates, highwaymen, smugglers, brigands, guns for hire, soldiers of fortune; their names are many, but they really amount to same thing: scum and villainy willing to barter blood for coin.

Only a fool would turn his back on such a potent, if unsavory element, be it as friend or foe. It is a naive battle commander indeed who disregards the advantages to be gained by enlisting the aid of a mercenary corp, and it is one not long for this world that believes he has purchased a true ally. Synthien, Jotune, or the bidder with the highest offer and deepest purse, Sularia's rag-tag forces of renegades are ready to lend their services - just be sure to make your payment, and don't be late.



I’ve evaded laser shooting robots, savage mutant freaks, and giant waste worms. I think I can handle a few god-complex fanatics in shiny armor. As long as I’m paid, I’ll get the job done.

– Crazy Joe