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What is Battle for Sularia?

It all started in the Summer of 2011, when I set out to create a new Trading Card Game. Ewww…. there’s that nasty phrase that instantly evokes memories of spending all of your allowance on a single card to only get destroyed in game by someone that had a full playset. Stick with me reader, When I started thinking about Battle for Sularia as a trading card game, I instantly was put off by the idea of trading cards and all that goes with it, but I unfortunately hadn’t heard about a non-trading card based game.

See I was new to modern board and card games, but board games and card games, particularly Magic The Gathering and VS. System were so important to me and fulfilled so much of what I desire out of a table top game experience. In fact my card game days go all the way back to Alpha Magic and Arabian Nights. Yes, that does make me old, but I digress…

I went to my then business partner John Kimmel and presented an idea. See, John, shares a similar passion for these kinds of games and we’ve both had moderate success in tournaments. I know I’m not a pro Magic Hall of Famer, but I knew what I loved about the experience and I absolutely love designing games.

I learned about Fantasy Flights card game business model in 2012 with Android Netrunner. I knew instantly that this is the approach that our card game could take. I bought my first Netrunner core box, played the intro game and had,well, a less than ideal experience. The game was playing on such a different axis that, while I enjoyed the game, it didn’t really scratch my strategy card game itch. When I decided to dive deeper into Netrunner I figured out exactly what the problem was for me. It felt bad to have to purchase two additional core boxes to complete my set. Why not include all in one box… I knew there was a problem with this model and instantly knew I wanted to solve the problem. Our solution, give players a complete playset of each card in ever set. Allow the player to make one purchase and get the complete experience. With this solution we believe you get the most bang for your buck with Battle for Sularia.

We embarked in 2012 with an intense testing plan that, allowed us over about 18 months to capture over 4000 games of data. That is when Battle for Sularia hit its first hurdle. We wanted to make the game a massive set, think 262 unique cards and complete play sets for over 1000 cards in the box. But we were just an independent game studio with a little bit of cash but not much. We started seeking outside investor help, but many just brushed us off, and felt the board game space was too much of a small niche. Many tried to entice us to go digital, but our team was lacking some of the necessary skills to bring a complete card game experience to a digital platform.

With no help from investors, and looking to bootstrap the game experience we had to trim down the card set, and purchase illustrations for the cards we could afford. We made a decision to Kickstart the game in 2014, and began a rigorous demoing program at conventions all over the US. We launched and Successfully funded The Battle Begins in 2015, and the rest is history.