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So, what is Battle for Sularia?

It's a 20-minute head-to-head Battle Card System game that uses dual resource management and pits fearsome combatants against one another.

Cool, but what is a battle card system game?

That's our proprietary "expandable" or non-collectible card game system model which challenges players to create a deck with our 60/90 construction system, manage two resources, establish a domain of sites, and deploy  combatants in order to gain victory on the table top.

An Expandable card game, so no random booster packs?

Exactly. Each of our card product offerings includes a full four copies of each card released in that starter kit or expansion. We offer a starter "Battle Kit," which features two pre-constructed play decks and the remainder of the 180 cards in the set. Future releases will include expansion or "Command" and "Faction" packs, which will offer complete four-copy playsets of each card in that release as well. No randomization, and no gimmicks, each product gives you what you need to expand your game or play today with a single purchase of $24.99 for a Battle Kit starter!

Tell me more about this "Battle Kit"

Battle for Sularia Battle Kit

Our first product Battle Kit: The Battle Begins released to the public on January 22nd 2016. There are 21 unique Jotune cards, 21 unique Synthien cards, and 3 unique Mercenary cards, with a complete four-copy playset of each for a total of 180 cards. Inside the Battle Kit we include two pre-constructed play decks, one for the genetic super warriors of the Jotune and one for the robotic menace of the Synthien, that are ready to play straight out of the box. The remainder of the set's cards are included for players to further customize their decks and create unique strategies of their own!

Yeah, you mentioned a 60/90 construction system... intriguing.

We certainly think so! When creating a deck, a player is restricted to a minimum of 60 cards in their deck, with no more than four copies of any given card, and no more than 90 construction points used. Each of our cards has a construction value from 1 to 4. This gives added value to cheaper construction cost cards and creates some very interesting choices when building a deck. Sometimes a weaker card is chosen in a deck build so that other more powerful cards can be included and the construction cost requirement is still met. This is a layer of strategy we believe that will really resonate with table top miniatures players for its "list building" quality!

Wow, ok, that is innovative. what kind of cards can i expect then?

There are four types of cards in the Battle for Sularia: tactics, conditions, sites, and combatants. A player has the opportunity to craft a strategy that uses any number and mix of these types, but at the core of our game is gaining influence each turn, creating a domain of multiple sites, deploying combatants to the table top, and using tactics and conditions to outmaneuver their foes. If you would like to know more about how each card type works, how they function, and where they'll go on the table top, I highly recommend checking out our series of game play articles and how-to videos.


A tactic, condition, site, and combatant card in the Battle for Sularia.


Are there more game play variants, or just head-to-head?

2 player head-to-head constructed, where players build within our 60/90 deck construction system, is definitely our primary play mode, but we absolutely have more. 

Draft formats are incredibly popular right now, and one Battle Kit can support a 2-4 player draft out of the box, with two Battle Kits supporting up to an 8-player draft. Drafts can be organized in many ways, with our recommended being in the style of a "booster" draft where each player receives three stacks of fifteen cards each. Players select a card from their first stack and pass the remainder to their right, until all cards have been selected by players this way. The process is repeated for stacks #2 (passed to the left) and 3 (again passed to the right), until each player has drafted forty-five cards. Our constructed restriction requiring that a deck be built with only one faction (plus any Mercenary cards) is changed to up to two factions in draft play, and the minimum deck size is reduced from 60 to 40 cards. In addition, sites of any faction produce sularium that can be used by any other faction in a drafted play deck.

2+ player casual constructed is another supported format, and this one is pretty straightforward; it's just like head-to-head, but now there are any number of adversaries to overcome. Just like in head-to-head though, the battle isn't over for a player off-initiative (not the first player) that has lost all their health points until they have a chance to take their turn, so as you might imagine, politics will abound!

What other products will be available to purchase?

In addition to our card products we are offering a range of stylized playmats showcasing the stunning art of Sularia and include our game's play zones lightly outlined. Our playmats are manufactured using the highest quality manufacturing processes, which puts vivid color onto a high-grade polyester and rubber pad, and are 100% gentle-machine or hand washable. Currently you can purchase single playmats from our store or partner Stronghold Retailers for $24.99.


Art of War playmat

Cloud Falcon playmat

Hekaton Warhulk playmat

Sularium Tactical Assault Beam playmat


The battle kit looks great, but Do you have any expansions planned?

Absolutely. We have expansions planned for every 60-90 days after our first expansion product releases in late June - July; which is Command Pack: Blood, Profit, and Glory, a small product expansion. For more info about Blood, Profit, and Glory, its cast of characters and exciting new mechanics, check out our official press release!


I'd really like to showcase Battle for Sularia, so what's next?

Great, welcome aboard! Please send an email to Frank Hruby ( and he'll walk you through what you'll receive in terms of reviewer product and perks, and will put you in touch with our media department to synch your posting with ours.

In the meantime, be sure check out our articles homepage, which features the latest in Sularia design, fiction, news, and strategy; browse our card image galleries, and check out all the gameplay and lore that has to offer.


The battle is just beginning, and we look forward to working with you to debut many more of our exciting new releases!