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Reign of Terror: Alpha Edition is a digital download-only stand alone card game and is fully compatible with the Battle for Sularia expandable card game system.

This digital download – print-and-play – version of Reign of Terror marks the beginning of the new Alpha Program card release cycle. Officially starting in January of 2018, the Alpha Program will introduce brand new cards every month, except for November and December, through a free PDF digital download.

Reign of Terror introduces two new factions – the Protoan and Exsularian – to the world of Sularia! Whether swarming the battlefield with a relentless horde of fangs and claws or playing mind games as the cunning survivors of the wastes, the Protoan and Exsularian factions offer new twists to how you play Battle for Sularia.

Along with new factions, Reign of Terror introduces new keywords and abilities! We encourage you to review our updated rule book, FAQ, and upcoming articles and videos that explore and describe all these new features.

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Features Include:

– Easy to download, 7-page, print-and-play PDF file for your home printer.
– 4 copies of the Protoan faction token combatant card.
– 25 Unique Protoan faction cards.
– 25 Unique Exsularian faction cards.
– 2 Unique Mercenary faction cards.
– Immediately legal to play in casual games and Alpha Program tournament formats.


  • Be sure to print 4 copies of the PDF file for a complete play set and 16 copies of the Protoan token combatant card.
  • Print on a standard letter-size sheet of paper, at 100% original size, landscape format.

  • We suggest printing in color, but the cards are readable in black and white (grayscale) as well.

  • Once the cards have been printed, use your paper cutting tool of choice to cut out the cards. Trim marks have been added to each page to assist in cutting the cards out. Please be careful, we cannot be held liable for any nasty paper cuts or loss of digits.

  • The final trim size is 2.5” wide x 3.5” tall.

  • If you have any problems with printing the PDF file, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.