Battle for Sularia

A world destroyed by the Fracture, your faction is depending upon you for its survival. Gain Influence to establish sites on the battlefield. Generate Sularium to deploy powerful combatants to destroy your opponents. Only through strategic game play and resource management can you emerge victorious. Do you have what it takes battle commander?


Exciting Round Based Combat

In Battle for Sularia, each player takes a turn one at a time, and the game is not over until all players have taking their turns and ended the round. Be careful though, if you are the initiative player because your opponents can win the game by defeating you on any one of their turns!


Manage Two resources

Each Battle Commander must successfully manage two resources in order to win any particular game. Influence is created by the cards in a player's deck and any card may serve as an influence card. Sularium, typically generated by sites is used to pay for the deployment of a battle commanders combatants, and powerful effects. Only the most savy battle commanders can leverage these two resources properly to win the game.


beautifully illustrated

Every piece of artwork was meticulous crafted by our team of artists from around the world. Each card unveils the narrative of the game in gorgeous fully illustrated artwork.


Play the story

Each release expansion for Sularia tells the story taking place in the now. Learn all about your favorite characters and perhaps gain insight into potential new enemies and allies coming in future releases.


60/90 deck construction

Each game of Battle for Sularia is unique and engaging. Battle Commanders prepare their decks using a innovative deck construction system derived from table top miniature war games.