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Battle for Sularia will be Your #1 Trading Card Game...
Even Before You Play Your First Game.

We LOVE trading card games, but HATE the hassle and money grabs most other guys put us through just to get their games to the table. Therefore, before we go into all the things that really set Battle for Sularia: The Card Game apart in terms of game play, we wanted to address the Top 3 Reasons we think Battle for Sularia: The Card Game will be your next and quite possibly last trading card game you'll want to play...even before you play your first game!

The Top 3 Reasons:

  1. NO Randomized Booster Packs.

  2. NO Chasing Expensive Singles.

  3. NO Having to Buy Multiple Core Sets to Get a Full Play Set of Cards.

Introducing the NEW Starter Set Experience!

Featuring the Deluxe Edition for a Limited Time.

Please note: The Deluxe Edition is only available on the Punch-It Entertainment website.

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Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins - Starter Set Includes:

The original Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins (TBB) starter set and Blood, Profit, and Glory: Command Pack (BPG) expansion.

  • 236 Total Cards
  • 25 Unique Jotune Faction Cards 
  • 25 Unique Synthien Faction Cards
  • 9 Unique Mercenary Cards
  • 1 Basic Rules Guide Booklet (TBB)
  • 1 Expansion Rules Insert (BPG)

The What, Why, and How.

What are you?

You are a Battle Commander, chosen by your faction to aid in securing it's dominance on the post-apocalyptic world of Sularia. While the world has begun to heal, time and resources are in short supply and in high demand. It's up to you to gain the influence necessary to increase your control over your domain; to establish new regions that are rich in Sularium, the most powerful known energy source on the planet; and to marshal your forces against any and all threats who challenge your command.  

Why are you Doing this?

It's all about survival. When the time comes to fight, as a Battle Commander, you will need to control the battlefield through ongoing strategic conditions and superior use of surprise tactics. Your ability to issue the right command at the right time will ensure that your combatants will not only successfully defend your sites, but to also successfully attack your opponent's sites. Ultimately, to win the battle!

How the Game works?

Each turn you will gain influence to establish sites on the battlefield. These sites will provide you Sularium, the resource necessary to power your engines of war, as well as the defense points for your forces to defend you. And lastly, you will lead your forces to attack your opponent's sites with the goal to inflict severe damage to their territories and supply chains—ultimately, acquiring victory through a mortal blow to the opposing Battle Commander. 

What Sets Battle for Sularia Apart...

  • Utilizes familiar trading card game mechanisms to help get you into the game more quickly and easily, but expands on those concepts with unique mechanisms and new ongoing monthly content for FREE through our Alpha Program.

  • Balanced play through dynamic round-based combat that ensures all players have an equal number of turns.

  • Multiple-resource systems that allow you to have something to do on each of your turns, in addition to creating a rewarding card "stack or chain" engagement between all players.

  • Build sites and position them strategically to set up your defenses and protect your resources from an opponent's assault.

  • Incorporates a unique point system that creates positive choices and consideration for all cards in the card pool when you build your custom play deck.

  • Provides complete play sets (four copies) of each card in all our standard packaging—starter sets, faction packs, and command packs.

Enhance Your Game Play with these Awesome Full-Art Play Mats!

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Still Skeptical?... Here's What the Reviewers Have to Say.


"I am an old school Magic player from the '90s. I gave that up for board games in the '90s as well. Originally I thought Dominion was that one game that would scratch my itch for playing Magic. I was right until now. Battle for Sularia is bad ass..."
– Larry Cruz – 

Everything Board Games

"Breathtaking artwork, solid mechanics, and plenty of strategy to keep us full for a while...It's odd when a game makes you want the robots to wipe out humanity..."
– David Jensen – READ MORE

Nonstop Tabletop

Nonstop Tabletop: This game was easy to learn and we found ourselves enjoying something new...8/10...
– Annamous – READ MORE


"My conclusions about the game are that it’s easy to learn, fast and furious to play but layered with tactical nuance that an experienced gamer will enjoy figuring out..."

Follow up review featuring draft play...

Battle Commanders Podcast

The Battle Commanders podcast focuses exclusively on the Battle for Sularia card game. This is a fan-made podcast based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Created by Dustin Rogers, with regular guests including Logan Hendrickson and Matt Ochs. – LISTEN HERE


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