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Thank You.

A special THANK YOU to our most die-hard fans to help make this happen! However, if you missed out on the exclusive offers listed below, you can still place an order through our standard pre-order option currently listed in our webstore.  The standard pre-order option gets you The Good, The Bad, and The Savage an Exsularian faction pack, but does not include the exclusive promotional cards, bundle offers, or pricing.

Battle for Sularia: The Good, the Bad, and the Savage - Faction Pack

A reckoning is coming...

For a limited-time, The Good, the Bad, and the Savage, a faction pack for Battle for Sularia: The Card Game, will be available for early (exclusive) pre-order from June 8th through July 20th.

Similar to our recently closed early pre-order for the Reign of Terror, this faction pack introduces a new faction—the Exsularian—as well as exclusive promotional cards only available during this early pre-order. Once this pre-order closes, The Good, the Bad, and the Savage will be available on our webstore as a standard pre-order and it will not include the exclusive promotional cards and special pricing available during this early pre-order time frame.

Strategic manipulation or complete anarchy...this faction provides the tools to really mess with your opponent’s game plan.
— John Kimmel, Creative Director and Co-Creator

Who are the Exsularians?


Solomon "The Pariah" by Justine Cruz

A Little Bit of Lore...

It’s been awful out here in the Wastes for as long as any Exsularian can remember. If you weren’t one of the lucky few that those god-pricks, the Jotune, deemed worthy to stay in their precious bio-domes, you were basically screwed. But like I said, hardly no one from those days are around anymore or even knows any better. Our lot was cast, and all we got was the shit leftover. At least there was peace in that fact, or so we thought…

There’s always been skirmishes out here from time to time. Usually just one tribe fighting with another, but never anything major. Hell, the planet itself had finally started to heal and some parts were actually kind of nice. That didn’t last for long though…

Things started to change a few years back when those god-pricks from the ‘domes started sending out their machines to search our lands for sularium. That’s the same damn thing that tore this planet apart the first time around! For all their superior intellect, their arrogance and greed continue to be their undoing. But I digress...

  Ashfall Plains by Filip Dudek

Dead on Arrival by Ascary Lazos

Apparently, we were too good at first with blowing up their mining posts and just causing general anarchy whenever they sent out a new crew. Unfortunately for all of us, they went ahead and upgraded those machines and they got too damn smart for their own good. Before they realized their mistake, they had themselves a little uprising which apparently didn’t sit too well with their creators. It wasn’t long before they got exiled too and started setting up their own camps...on our land!

At first, our people didn’t really care; as those machines, the Synthien as they call themselves, were establishing their new sites in some of the most inhospitable areas in the Wastes. Some of us even had the bright idea of trying to welcome them into our tribes. Laser fire to the faces of our greeting party made it pretty clear how they felt about “bio-bags.”

Just when this new machine empire threat was becoming a problem, some other idiotic tribe went and unleashed hell on Sularia from the other side of the Wastes. And the cherry on top of this shit sandwich has to be those god-pricks from the ‘domes starting an all-out war with anything and everything in the all our shit, is somehow their shit now.

Needless to say, whatever problems the individual Exsularian tribes had, they’ve pretty much faded in light of our current situation. Funny how things work out like that. If there is one thing we all excel at though, it’s that we learned how to survive with nothing long ago. We still have nothing to lose and, frankly, that makes us the most dangerous bunch on this battlefield. Time to blow shit up!

PO_GBS_Game Contents_01.jpg

The Good, the Bad, and the Savage is a new Faction Pack for Battle for Sularia: The Card Game. It features the new Exsularian faction and includes a starter deck as well as additional cards to customize your play deck.

What Can You Expect from The Good, the Bad, and the Savage?

Like all Battle for Sularia: The Card Game products, the The Good, the Bad, and the Savage is an expandable and non-collectible card game release. Players can expect a full play set—four copies of each card—included in this Faction Pack. If you're familiar and turned off by other companies that force their players to chase rare collectible cards or buy multiple core sets in order to be competitive, we hope you'll appreciate our pocket-book friendly approach to our game community.

If you are unfamiliar with Battle for Sularia: The Card Game, the game incorporates some familiar TCG (trading card game) elements, while incorporating a point-cost mechanism typically found in tabletop war games for deck construction and overall game balance. Furthermore, we offer a new Alpha Program that allows us to release new card content every month for ALL factions, as well as an organize play kit for retailers to promote league play in their stores.


Juicer by Justine Cruz

Release Schedule and Beyond...

The Release Date for The Good, the Bad, and the Savage is November 1st, 2018.

If you have downloaded our Alpha Program digital copy of Reign of Terror, then you know that it was originally planned as a starter set that included both the Protoan and Exsularian factions. Based on community feedback however, we split it into two parts—Reign of Terror and The Good, the Bad, and the Savage.

What's New?

First of all, the Exsularian are a brand new core faction! Like the Jotune, Synthien, and Protoan; the Exsularian have their own unique game play strategies as well as familiar options you would expect to find in a competitive card game.

Warden of Sin_Final 02_LoRes.jpg

Warden of Sin by Justine Cruz

New Keywords!  


PREEMPTIVE is a brand new keyword mechanism that allows a player to play their tactic card earlier than the printed threshold on the card. It is a situational mechanism that benefits the off-initiative player, i.e. the second player. By choosing to go second, tactic cards with PREEMPTIVE will have their threshold cost replaced by the numerical value printed after the PREEMPTIVE keyword. This can give the Exsularian player a very distinct advantage of being able to better react to their opponent's plays.



The Good, The Bad, and The Savage take the established keywords of BOUNTY, QUICK, and BERSERKER and dial them up to an entirely new level. Exsularian players will find their bag of tricks stacked and opponents will have to worry about how to play around those tricks.



Combatants with the Ruffian characteristic represent the criminal underbelly of Sularia. They are a vile bunch—cruel and deadly. Opposing Battle Commanders will learn to fear a mass of ruffians on the battlefield.

Pre-Order Exclusives_Exsularians_Preview_01.jpg

Pre-Order Exclusive Offer!

Disruption and the Alpha Program Versions of Mutant Savage and spirit Warrior are Pre-Order Exclusives Only!

Disruption and the Alpha Program versions of the Mutant Savage and Spirit Warrior are available for a limited time as part of The Good, the Bad, and the Savage release. Once the pre-order is over, Disruption will only be available in a future separate release; while the Alpha Program versions of Mutant Savage and Spirit Warrior will no longer be available. So if you want these cards, make sure to get your pre-order completed by July 20th!

Early "Exclusive Offer" Pre-Order:


  • 1 copy of the Battle for Sularia:
    The Good, the Bad, and the Savage - Faction Pack
  • PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE - 1 play set of Disruption
  • PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE - 1 play set of
    Mutant Savage (Alpha Edition)
  • PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE - 1  play set of
    Spirit Warrior (Alpha Edition)

Nov 2018

Anywhere in the world

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Just Got Played Episode 182: Battle for Sularia Exsularian & Protoan

Cranky Reviews - Battle For Sularia: Reign Of Terror (Protoan and Exsularian Factions)

MeepleCore Podcast

The MeepleCore podcast review of Reign of Terror begins at the 29 minute mark—link HERE.

Battle Commanders Podcast

The Battle Commanders podcast focuses exclusively on the Battle for Sularia card game. This is a fan-made podcast based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Created by Dustin Rogers, with regular guests including Logan Hendrickson and Matt Ochs. Listen HERE.

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Historically, we've worked closely with our shipping and fulfillment centers to provide the most cost effective option we can provide to our backers. As many of you know, most indie game publishers do not have the buying power and resources to absorb all of these costs internally like the online mega retailers of the world. However, that doesn't mean we don't continually keep our eyes open for improving this part of our business.

  • United States = $5 US
  • Canada = $11 US
  • European Union = $14 US
  • Australia = $16 US
  • Rest of the World = $17 US
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In late 2011, Jesse Bergman pitched a card game idea to his friend John Kimmel...nothing has been the same since.

In 2014, they officially joined forces to form Punch-It Entertainment, LLC. The name summarized three things the two guys had an appreciation for—fast cars, pies, and games. “Punch-it” a car enthusiast reference to driving fast, the P.I.E. acronym that references their love of pies, and the board game term for punching components out of cardboard. Yes, they may have a tendency to overthink things...

Together they designed and developed Battle for Sularia: The Battle Begins, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2015. It was followed up by the successful expansion—Blood, Profit, and Glory: Command Pack—in 2016. They prefer you don’t ask about 2017. Along the way, they’ve picked up a variety of different team members and content contributors; which has provided invaluable experience into game development and storytelling.

The team at Punch-It has a passion for game design, gorgeous visuals, and elaborate storytelling. They’ve been extremely busy with rebooting their entire design and development process for making games in 2018 and beyond. If you missed it above in the campaign, they have developed an entirely new program—Alpha and Omega Program—for bringing new and consistent content to their core player base moving forward. The reaction has been extremely positive. Ultimately, the feedback from the community is the cornerstone to their new program.

  • Jesse Bergman – Jesse is an avid gamer, business maker, and the game designer of Battle for Sularia. He is also a Spartan warrior whose not afraid to get a little dirty to reach the finish line!
  • John Kimmel – John is a visual artist and educator, gamer, and the creative force behind the world of Sularia. While not a Spartan racer, nearly nothing can prevent John from getting his morning coffee—Ha!
  • Neil Mohlman – Neil is a recent addition to the team, but he is by no means new to the game industry. In addition to Neil's background and experience as a competitive card game player, he has also worked a number of years in both the hobby and video game retail space.
  • Matthew Ochs – Creative writer, another competitive card game player, and skilled miniature painter and sculptor. Matt has been our fiction writer since the beginning. He is also big on building community and has lead a number of different play testing groups in the Kansas City area.

Risks and challenges

While there are always risks related to production, we have currently developed the
Battle for Sularia: The Good, the Bad, and the Savage as much as possible. Game mechanics are done and thoroughly tested. Graphic design and illustrations are nearly complete. Of course, some of the more premium stretch goals may add a little more time on the production side and we will do our best to mitigate any delays and communicate those details to our customers as soon as possible.

With that all in mind, once the pre-order is complete, we will be able to finalize the few remaining design and illustration assets within a short turnaround time and send our files off to the printer. Items that are potentially out of our control are as follows: printing delays, overseas shipping, and custom delays. We will do our best to promptly respond to any questions or concerns our customers may have.

From all of us at Punch-It Entertainment – thank you!



Pre-Order will be open June 8th to July 20th.

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